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Stress management and organization development:
Broome, J. R. N. (1995). Stress management and organization development: Effects of Transcendental Meditation on psychological, physiological, and organizational variables at the worksite. University of Cape Town (South Africa). Dissertation Abstracts International (58-09A, p. 3592).


This study evaluated the effectiveness of a stress reduction intervention (SRI) offered to employees at one worksite where 80 were employed. 41 Volunteers (aged 21-65) participated in Transcendental Meditation (TM), and 18 (aged 19-46) in Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). Two groups did not attend the SRI. These were 11 non-volunteers for the SRI (aged 25-58) who served as on-site controls, while 16 outside attendees (aged 27-44) of a personal productivity workshop served as off-site controls. All subjects completed a standardised stress symptoms questionnaire (SCL-90-R) before and after the SRI. On-site subjects also had blood pressure, heart and breath rates measured by a trained nurse and completed a company climate questionnaire--before and after the SRI. Structured interviews were conducted at three-year follow-up. The hypothesis that test groups would show significant reductions in psychological stress symptoms was supported at 6 weeks.


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