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Consciousness-Based Education    
Consciousness-Based Education℠ has transformed the process of learning by connecting each discipline with the student's personal experience in the following ways:

1. Direct development of consciousness Maharishi Video - Expanding the Container of Knowledge
At MUM, all students learn and practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique, a systematic and scientifically verified means of developing one's total potential. This is the core of Consciousness-Based Education.

Through this simple, natural, and effortless procedure, students enliven the most creative, powerful, and blissful level of their own awareness — pure consciousness. The result is greater intelligence, greater creativity, greater learning ability, less stress, better health, better relationships — and, as a result, a better world.

The advanced TM-Sidhi® program, including Yogic Flying, accelerates the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique, especially when practiced in groups, as we do here.

2. A unifying framework for all knowledge What's been missing from education video
All human knowledge is an expression of consciousness. If you understand the basic principles of consciousness, you understand the basic principles of all fields of knowledge. 

All courses at MUM are taught in light of these unifying principles of consciousness. What do you gain from this?

  • You'll be able to go to the very deepest level in every subject you study
  • You'll be able to move easily from one field of study to another
  • You'll understand the relationships among all subjects you study
  • You'll connect what you're studying to your personal growth — the growth of your own consciousness — so that what you study is more personally relevant
  • You'll increasingly experience and understand life as a whole

3. Special teaching and learning techniques that develop holistic awareness
Faculty at MUM use special techniques that reflect fundamental laws of learning. These include:
  • The whole course on the first day — In each course you take, you’ll learn all the main principles of the course at the start. The remainder of the course then explores these themes.
  • Main point charts — For each main lesson in a course, there is a wall chart displaying the main 3-4 points of the lesson. This helps the faculty organize the lessons, and it gives you the knowledge of the lesson at a glance. Each point also shows how the discipline knowledge is illuminated by the knowledge of the science and technology of consciousness — the knowledge of your self.
  • Unified field charts — These wall charts map the entire discipline and all its branches, showing the relationship among all of them. They show how the discipline you're studying emerges from the underlying field of pure consciousness, pure intelligence. And they show how you experience this underlying field directly, deep within yourself, through your Transcendental Meditation practice. With these charts, you'll always see the big picture of the field of study — you never get lost in the details — and always see how what you're studying relates to you personally.
Physics Class Video

4. Stress-free routine and nourishing environment organic vegetarian meals video
To develop your full creative potential and get the most out of your college education, it’s vital to maintain a restfully alert quality of mind and body. How do we do that here?
  • Meditation — daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs
  • Early bedtime — we encourage students to be in bed by 10 p.m., so they're as fresh and alert and dynamic as possible the next day. Homework assignments can be finished before then. This means you won't have the stress of staying up late to study, which does not promote learning, good health, or well-being.

Historical Perspectives

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”
—Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, 6th century BC

“The true purpose of education is to cherish and unfold the seed of immortality already sown within us; to develop, to their fullest extent, the capacities of every kind with which the God who made us has endowed us.”
—Anna Jameson, British author and educator, 1794–1860

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”
—Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet, 1861-1941

“Truth is within ourselves: it takes no rise from outward things, what’er you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness.”
—Robert Browning, English poet, 1812-1889

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”
—Socrates, Greek philosopher, 469-399 BC
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